Solution to not displaying Chinese in CTeX

Fix font error in Linux

Posted by Xiping Hu on March 14, 2020

Problem Specification

  • After upgrading to BlackArch Linux, Chinese characters in PDF files made by XeLaTeX cannot display.
  • Neither of Evince, Document Viewer in GNOME, PDFView in Emacs can display Chinese Characters, but Chrome can display Chinese correctly.
  • CTEX is used in compiling LaTeX, XeLaTeX complied without errors, except a warning like “Package fontspec Warning: Font “FandolSong-Regular” does not contain requested (fontspec) Script “CJK”.”

Not Working Solutions

  • Installing Windows fonts
  • Install the fandol fonts in /home/hxp/.fonts/fonts/opentype/public/fandol


Install poppler-data package

sudo yay -S poppler-data